Asphalt Crackfilling and Sealing

Asphalt Sealing SealMaster Tank Widel PavingYour asphalt pavement is an investment. To maximize the lifespan of that investment it must be maintained on a regular basis. Several factors cause wear and tear on your asphalt: the weather, sunlight, and traffic. A maintenance plan that includes crack filling and sealing can help protect your pavement from those elements, and help you get the most out of your asphalt.

Cracks in your pavement are not only an eyesore, but they affect the structure and integrity of your asphalt. Cracks let water through to the base / subgrade and water does two things: erodes and freezes.

  • When the water erodes your subgrade, the structure of your asphalt collapses underneath it.
  • When water freezes and expands it displaces everything around it. When that water thaws you are left voids underneath your asphalt.

Either way, you have a weak base and the risk of broken, buckling and damaged pavement. If cracks are caught and addressed soon enough, large straight line cracks can be filled to help prevent water from penetrating the asphalt and damaging your pavement from the base, up.

Sealing your asphalt should also be a part of your regular maintenance routine. After we sweep off any debris, we apply a tar based sealant that not only protects the asphalt and creates a moisture barrier, but it also makes your pavement look fresh and clean. We recommend sealing your asphalt every other year.

An asphalt maintenance plan not only protects your investment, but it brings new life back to your pavement.