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Concrete Repair – Strip Mall – South County, MO

Potholes are a frustration for everybody, and often plague areas with older pavement. As pavement ages, it can begin to crack. Those cracks expand when water freezes in them during the winter, and eventually water can accumulate underneath the pavement, which also expands when frozen. When the ice melts, you are left with cracked pavement with an empty cavity underneath. This collapses and forms a pothole.

When Widel Paving began working on a job at a strip mall in South County, there was a huge pothole in need of repair. To begin repairing it, we first had to remove the existing 3 inches of asphalt.  We then installed 6 inches of reinforced concrete to repair the hole.

How is your pavement aging? If you’re dealing with potholes or other signs of aging, just call us for a free estimate. Whether it’s a repair or a full replacement, Widel Paving can bring your paving back up to what it needs to be.

Concrete Parking Lot – Daycare – Saint Peters, MO

When we were asked to work on our daycare’s concrete parking lot, we couldn’t say no—after all, we drove on it nearly every day for our sons! The existing parking lot was in need of repair, and the owner ultimately decided to do a full replacement.

We excavated the existing 6-inch-thick concrete, and removed 12-20 inches of unusable subbase to prep the area. We joked that we should have also been paid for child care as all of the little faces were plastered to the windows watching us as we worked.

For the new parking lot, we installed 200 ton of base rock, compacted to grade, poured 120 yards of concrete between 6-7 inches thick, saw cut on 10 foot centers, and re-striped the parking stalls. It’s always satisfying to transform something in need of repair to something high quality, and of course, it was gratifying to have such an appreciative audience for this job!

Is it time for your parking lot to have some work done? Whether it’s just a repair or a full replacement, you can trust Widel Paving to do the job well. Contact us today to get a free estimate!

Concrete Parking Lot St. Peters. MO

Concrete Parking Lot St. Peters. MO Concrete Parking Lot St. Peters. MO